Perpetual Motion


Program Notes

Program Notes
  • I


  • II

    Trials and Tribulations

  • III

    Double Dutch

For Craig, Shelby and Rikki

Perpetual Motion - Sonata for Violoncello and Piano

The Nineth Annual Belvedere Chamber Music Festival - Memphis, TN, June 2015

     “Perpetual Motion - Sonata for Violoncello and Piano” is inspired by the lovely young daughters of a good friend. The sonata is not a programmatic work. Rather, it is the result of thoughts and emotions resonating with bits of the sisters’ story.

     The first movement, Games, is a playground full of various toys/themes. Similar to the children, the multiple themes run after each other, interrupt, imitate, or taunt, and even dream together at times.

     The second movement, Trials and Tribulations, is a slow movement, where an increasingly tense theme is answered with a fragile and thin voice by the violoncello. The music becomes darker, then, almost from nowhere, a lullaby-like theme brings light. The first theme comes back and ends the movement in a more serene way.

     The last movement has a focused energy. Like Double Dutch jump-rope, it requires more concentration to perform the demanding, more abstract and contrapuntal, yet still playful ideas. The sisters are growing up, in the Perpetual Motion of life.