Mystic Realm


Program Notes

Program Notes
  • I

    Entering the Mystic Realm

  • II

    Azzurro (Blue)

  • III

    Krasnoye Plamya (Red Flame)

Songs from the Mystic Realm - for flute and piano

The Belvedere Chamber Music Festival - Memphis, TN, June 2018

Although Songs from the Mystic Realm was not meant to be a programmatic piece, I could not prevent my thoughts from scouting this world of sounds drawn from Scriabin’s so-called “mystic” (Prometheus) chord.

Entering the Mystic Realm is a fast and short introduction of the sonority of the “mystic” chord rearranged in a scale.

Azzurro is a leisurely sail through the harmony of the mystic realm. The title of this movement is inspired by a magic place, Grotto Azzurro in the island of Capri.

Finally, Krasnoye Plamya (Red Flame) is a fiery race. The title is homage to Scriabin.