Dances of the Sea

Dan Lazarescou

Program Notes

Program Notes
  • I

    Breaking the Surface (The Dolphins' Dance)

  • II

    The Dance Lesson

  • III

    The Tritons' Dance

Live performance also available, see videos

Dances of the Sea for mixed chamber ensemble

2011 Belvedere Chamber Music Festival, Memphis, TN, June 22-25, 2011

 Dances of the Sea expresses my enthusiastic appreciation for the impressionists.

In Breaking the Surface, three lively dolphins play with the sea waves.

Meanwhile, deep in the sea, the tutor teaches the little mermaid the classical Dance Lesson. Soon though, at the dolphins' call, the little mermaid's playfulness overwhelms the tutor's formal instruction.

Later, elsewhere in the sea, the curious dolphins mingle with the tritons performing their vigorous Tritons' Dance.