Program Notes

Program Notes
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    Theme and Introduction

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“…above all… a cantabile style…
J. S. Bach

Cantabile - Variations on a theme of Bach mixed chamber ensemble

for French horn and violin, violoncello, oboe and piano
The 13th Belvedere Chamber Music Festival, Memphis, TN, June 19-22, 2019

Dan Lazarescou

In Theme and Introduction, the presentation of the theme in the piano is followed by an arrangement of Bach’s Invention in F for French horn, violin, violoncello, and oboe.

While preserving the tempo and the time signature of the Renaissance dances, Pavane and Galliard vary Bach’s theme to create a different, more contemporary sonority, but still in “a cantabile style."

March 2019

Robert Patterson - French horn  Marisa Polesky - violin  Craig Hultgren - cello

Michelle Vigneau - oboe  Perry Mears - piano

Mark Volker - conductor